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Fight for $15: CAIR-GA Joins Striking Workers Demanding Livable Minimum Wage

Fight for $15: CAIR-GA Joins Striking Workers Demanding Livable Minimum Wage


15(11/29/16 – ATLANTA, GA) The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations today joined a Fight for $15 protest held by Atlanta workers striking to demand a higher minimum wage. Thousands of American workers nationwide, particularly fast-food workers, went on strike during a National Day of Action.

CAIR-GA Executive Director Edward Ahmed Mitchell spoke during a strike outside a McDonald’s in Atlanta while activist and CAIR-GA advisory board member Asma Elhuni also spoke at three strikes, including one atHartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

“Fast-food workers are going on strike,” event organizers announced. “Airport workers will hold major protests at nearly 20 of the nation’s busiest airports. And workers at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport will go on strike to demand fair pay for hard work.”

Organizers added, “And to top it all off, workers with the #FightFor15 will launch a historic wave of civil disobedience in front of McDonald’s restaurants from coast to coast. We’re holding nothing back. November 29 is four years to the day from the moment this movement began. Since then, we’ve won raises for 22 million workers – and we won’t back down now. 

We stand with the 64 million hardworking Americans that make far too little to live. We reject the politics of divisiveness that tears America apart by race, religion, ethnicity and gender.

We say unequivocally – any efforts to block wage increases, gut workers’ rights, deport immigrants, or support racism or racist policies, will be met with unrelenting opposition. We demand $15 an hour and union rights.”