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  1. Sign The Action Alert: Ask Your Members of Congress for An Immediate Ceasefire and to Address the Root Cause of the Violence 
  2. Report an Incident: If you have been the victim of harassment or bullying or experienced bias because of your advocacy Palestine, contact the CAIR-Georgia team for help.  
  3. CAIR-Georgia’s Event Safety Guide for when you are planning a protest plus Vision Change Win’s Safety Toolkit  
  4. Know Your Rights for Protestors 
  5. Protect Yourself Against Online Doxxing 
  6. Know Your Rights as a Student 
  7. Guide to Addressing Bullying and Bias in Schools: CAIR’s Guide to Addressing Bullying and Bias in Schools: Practical Steps for Youth and Their Families  
    • If you’re being bullied, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault 
    • If you are in danger of or are being physically bullied, yell for help, leave the scene as soon as you can, and tell an adult immediately 
    • Keep your parents informed at all times if you are facing bullying or any anti-Muslim comments at school from classmates or teachers 
    •  If a teacher makes a biased statement about Palestine or Muslims, you can choose to express your opinion if you feel safe and confident. You can tell the teacher that their statement is biased. You can choose to write to your teacher or school by using a letter template on the CAIR-Georgia website.  
    • ALWAYS inform your parents and CAIR-Georgia about any bullying. 
    • If you don’t feel safe or comfortable discussing the Palestine issue at school, you can always share your thoughts in safe spacces like with your family and at your Sunday school 
    • You can learn more about the Palestinian struggle and work on becoming more confident to speak for the ummah. Use the talking points provided by CAIR-Georgia to know what to say. 
  8. Letter Templates to Schools, Employers, and Elected Officials To Address Biased Statements About Israel And Palestine (courtesy of CAIR-California) 
  9. CAIR Georgia’s Official Statement about the events in Israel and Palestine  
  10. Suggested Talking Points
  11. Event Safety for Palestine: