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CAIR Georgia Speaks at Vigil for #OurThreeBrothers

CAIR Georgia Speaks at Vigil for #OurThreeBrothers

CAIR Georgia moderated an interfaith vigil held at Centennial Olympic Park on Sunday, March 6. Speakers and participants from various faiths gathered to demand justice and public attention for the victims of an unsolved murder in Indiana.

Three weeks ago, police officers found the bodies of three young men in a house in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Each man had been shot multiple times, “execution style.” Two of the victims were Muslims. One was a Christian. All three were Sudanese refugees who came to the U.S. as children.

“Reverend Corey Brown, Imam Muhammad Mendes, priest Praful Desai, CAIR Georgia leader Edward Ahmed Mitchell and educator Hassan Faye spoke to the crowd about the importance of building and maintaining ties, despite our individual differences, in order to better our communities, our country and our world,” reported.

“A LaunchGood campaign has started to help support the families of the victims as well as to build a community center so that the youth in their community have a safe place to gather. You can learn more about the campaign here.