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CAIR Georgia Issues Travel Alert As Supreme Court Considers Reinstating ‘Muslim Ban’

CAIR Georgia Issues Travel Alert As Supreme Court Considers Reinstating ‘Muslim Ban’


unnamed.jpg(ATLANTA, GA – 6/22/17) The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations today issued a travel alert in response to the Supreme Court’s expected decision regarding the freeze on President Trump’s “Muslim Ban.”

Over the next few weeks, the United States Supreme Court could make its first critical decisions about President Trump’s Muslim Ban, which has been blocked over the past few months. Although the justices will not issue a final ruling on the ban, they must decide whether to continue freezing the Ban while lawsuits against it proceed through the system. 

“Although we hope that the Supreme Court will maintain the injunction against President Trump’s unconstitutional and discriminatory Muslim Ban, every impacted community should prepare for the worst case scenario,” said Edward Ahmed Mitchell, executive director of CAIR Georgia. “Citizens of the six targeted Muslim nations who live in America as lawful permanent residents, or with a student or work visa, should consult with an immigration attorney. We also recommend such residents stay in the United States until the Court issues its initial ruling.”

The six targeted Muslim-majority nations are Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Iran, and Syria.

Mitchell added, “Even if the Muslim Ban returns, it should not, in theory, have an impact on green card holders and others with valid immigration status. In practice, however, even these citizens of the six targeted countries may experience travel difficulties as a result of the Muslim Ban. This would be especially true for those who may be overseas during the chaotic and confusing hours after the Ban takes effect.”

CAIR Georgia also noted that the Trump Administration has asked the Supreme Court for permission to begin reviewing and altering “vetting procedures.”

“If granted the chance, we fully expect the Trump Administration to start interrogating even more travelers about their personal religious and political beliefs in an effort to block law-abiding Muslims from visiting or immigrating to America,” Mitchell said. “If you experience discriminatory treatment at the airport, including improper questioning about your faith, file a complaint and alert CAIR Georgia or another civil rights organization.”

CONTACT: Edward Ahmed Mitchell, [email protected], 404-285-9530