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CAIR-GA Meets with ICNA Leadership at Masjid Maryam

CAIR-GA Meets with ICNA Leadership at Masjid Maryam


ICNACAIR Georgia Executive Director Edward Ahmed Mitchell met with the leadership of the Atlanta chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) at Masjid Maryam in Duluth last Thursday, May 19th.

The group discussed each organization’s respective goals as well as ways to collaborate in the future.

“ICNA is one of the most important America’s most important Muslim organizations,” Mitchell said. “ICNA members deliver the message of Islam in both word and deed by engaging in charitable activities across the state of Georgia and explaining Islamic beliefs and practices to our neighbors.”

CAIR Georgia and ICNA plan to, God willing/insha Allah, collaborate on various efforts, including publicizing ICNA’s contributions to charitable causes in the media, educating Muslim youth with public speaking courses, and meeting with non-Muslim neighbors to share the message of mainstream Islam.