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CAIR-Georgia Condemns School’s Attempt to Ban Student Protests

CAIR-Georgia Condemns School’s Attempt to Ban Student Protests

(ATLANTA, GA, 5/14/2024) – The Georgia chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Georgia) today condemned an attempt reportedly made by the principal of Innovation Academy Fulton County Schools Scott Kent to ban student protests.

In an email sent to Innovation Academy parents and students on May 8, 2024, the principal allegedly threatened punitive action against students who engage in “any” kind of protests during the school year.


In response, CAIR-Georgia sent the principal an email reminding him of his legal obligations under the U.S. Constitution and asked that he send a follow up message to the Innovation Academy community to encourage students to work with school administration when planning protests and withdraw his threat to ban students from walking at their graduation if they engage in unauthorized but peaceful protest. 

In a statement, CAIR-Georgia said:

“Pre-emptive declaration of any protest as disruptive and punishable is overbroad, unconstitutional, illegal, and unjust.”

“CAIR-Georgia urges schools and universities across Georgia to remain mindful of students’ First Amendment rights this graduation season and apply existing policies uniformly and justly for all students.”

Read Email sent by CAIR-Georgia to Principal Kent.

CAIR-Georgia’s mission is to protect civil rights, promote justice, empower American Muslims, and enhance the understanding of Islam. 


CONTACT:  Azka Mahmood, CAIR-Georgia Executive Director, [email protected], 678-653-5822; Nazia Khanzada, CAIR-Georgia Communications Manager, [email protected]

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