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CAIR-GA, Concerned Black Clergy of Georgia, Georgia Black Faith Leaders Call for Gaza Ceasefire     

CAIR-GA, Concerned Black Clergy of Georgia, Georgia Black Faith Leaders Call for Gaza Ceasefire     

(ATLANTA, GA, 1/17/2024) – The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Georgia), Concerned Black Clergy of Georgia and Georgia Black Faith Leaders today held a press conference outside Ebenezer Church to call for a ceasefire in Gaza and the West Bank.  


CAIR-Georgia Executive Director opened the press conference followed by other faith leaders and Palestinian Americans in the order of Pastor Dr. Jamal Bryant, Reverend Fahed Abu-Akel, Ghada Elnajjar, Reverend Tim McDonald, Ibrahim Awad, Reverend Dr. Mitri Raheb, Hadeel Massoud and Imam Plemon El Amin. Many were holding photos of the deceased families of local Palestinians.  

Azka Mahmood CAIR-Georgia Executive Director stated, “On the second of November 2023, we stood in this exact same spot with this exact same demand. It is unconscionable that over two months later, we have the exact same ask. We are urging our elected officials to have the moral courage to call for a ceasefire urgently.”  

Pastor Dr. Jamal Bryant from the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church stated, “We stand resolutely as one body, as one community. Not begging, not pleading but demanding that there be an immediate ceasefire.” 

Presbyterian Minister Fahed Abu-Akel stated, “We are standing here in the name of Jesus Christ who said, ‘When we work for peace, you are the children of God.’ We are here in the tradition of Ghandi, of non-violence. As I think about the Palestinian people, we are the number one non-violent people under occupation.”  

Ghada Elnajjar, an American Palestinian, stated, “I have lost more than 75 members of my extended family to Israel’s ongoing bombardment of the most densely populated area on earth.”  

Reverend Tim McDonald stated, “We believe Dr. King would be standing in solidarity (with us), there’s no doubt in my mind. I had the privilege of serving with ‘Daddy’ King (Dr. King’s Jr’s father) for 6 years right there in that church.”  

Attorney Ibrahim Awad, another Palestinian American, addressed President Biden and stated, “When we tell you that you will lose our vote, you tell us that we will forget by November.  We will not forget. We will not forgive you and will remember come November. You, genocide Joe and bloody Blinken, will pack your bags and you’ve got to go.”  

Reverend Dr. Mitri Rahebstated, “We demand an open and sustainable humanitarian corridor so that our people there will not die from starvation, disease or famine.”  

Hadeel Massoud, a Palestinian American stated, “My grandmother’s home still remained up until 2 days ago when the Israeli army destroyed it for no reason.”  

Imam Plemon El Amin stated, “We stand for peace, we stand for justice and we stand for stopping war. We will never solve our problems by killing each other’s children.”  

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CAIR-Georgia’s mission is to protect civil rights, promote justice, empower American Muslims, and enhance the understanding of Islam.  


CONTACT: CAIR-Georgia Executive Director Azka Mahmood, [email protected], 678 653 5822; Rev. Tim McDonald, Concerned Black Clergy, [email protected]; Pastor Jamal Bryant, 770 696 9600, Rev. Daryll Winston, Save Our City Coalition, [email protected], Nazia Khanzada, CAIR-Georgia, [email protected]