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Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), CAIR-Georgia, Project South; Partner organizations denounce Anti-Immigrant Legislation

Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), CAIR-Georgia, Project South; Partner organizations denounce Anti-Immigrant Legislation

(ATLANTA, GA, 3/13/2024)– On Wednesday, March 13, Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-Georgia), Project South and large coalition of organizations held a press conference and rally outside the Georgia State Capitol in response to the alarming rise in anti-immigrant legislation in Georgia. Concerned citizens, organizations, activists, and community leaders came together for a powerful rally to denounce policies perpetuating anti-immigrant sentiment. 


GLAHR Livestream

CAIR-Georgia Livestream

Georgia, like many states, has seen a huge surge in anti-immigrant legislation. The rally shed light on the detrimental consequences of legislation targeting immigrants and encouraged elected officials to avoid politicizing anti-immigrant sentiment to gain momentum during an electoral year. 

Key Speakers at the rally included representatives from immigrant advocacy groups, religious organizations, and community leaders. Participants shared personal stories, data, and expert insights to highlight the negative consequences of policies like HB 1105, HB 301, SB 420, SB 569, and SR 721. They also highlighted how critical it is to create an inclusive community that recognizes the contributions of all citizens, regardless of immigration status. 

“HB 1105 is leveraged as an ominous justification to expand immigration detention and keep more of our community members in jail. We are ready to continue to fight against it and this bill is an example of the racist and anti-immigrant agenda.”- Adelina Nicholls, Executive Director of Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights.

“It is appalling that legislators would politicize a tragedy for their own gain by attempting to pass a bill that would make our communities less safe. Failed policies like 287(g) result in racial profiling, terrorizing immigrant communities, and wasting local resources. ICE detainers have a track record of being error prone and oftentimes unconstitutional. It is clear that this draconian bill will further advance dangerous anti-immigrant rhetoric and create a hostile environment for all communities of color.” – Priyanka Bhatt, Senior Staff Attorney, Project South

“Athens Against Apartheid unequivocally condemns the recent wave of racist, anti-immigrant sentiment in Athens, the state of Georgia, and the nation overall following the tragic murder of Laken Riley. The ruling class is scapegoating a marginalized population of our community that has been discriminated against by design through the inception of America’s “immigration policy.” We firmly reject all forms white supremacy as we commit ourselves to the fight against imperialism, xenophobia, and all forms of oppression.” – Athens Against Apartheid

“House Bill 1105 is dangerous and discriminatory. Punishing an entire community because of the alleged actions of one does not make communities safer. Instead, it creates fear for immigrant communities and additional risks and burdens to law enforcement.” – Jennifer Lee, Policy Director, Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta

“MESE vehemently opposes Georgia GA HB 1105. This type of legislation is one of many bills that seek to target the immigrant communities in Georgia, our communities. Our community is made of hard-working people who work persistently to support their families. They struggle with immense stress in their daily lives and now, mothers and fathers across Georgia are fearful of being separated from their loved ones. MESE stands with the thousands of Georgians who are demanding the dignity and respect of immigrant communities be upheld by defeating HB 1105 and the punitive tracking of human beings that is entailed in the GA legislation. The State of Georgia relies heavily on the labor produced by the very people it is targeting now. MESE and other organizations will continue to be committed to doing everything in our power to continue to advocate for the immigrant community.”- Daniela Rodriguez, Executive Director, Migrant Equity South East

“Atlanta DSA condemns the anti-immigrant legislation being pushed by Georgia Republicans. Right-wing lawmakers use fear to blatantly discriminate against working-class immigrants. We stand in solidarity with the black and brown communities who will be directly affected by HB1105.”ATL DSA

“IUPAT DC77 stands with GLAHR to condemn the anti-immigration legislation, HB1105, introduced by the Georgia state legislature. This bill will target undocumented communities, but stands to discriminate against all Black and Brown folks. HB1105 will further the growth of the underground labor economy, and perpetuate the exploitation of workers in the South.” – IUPAT DC77

“Currently there are six anti-immigrant bills active in the Georgia General Assembly. Unfortunately, many of these bills would not function well because they are written by people with little to no knowledge of immigration law. Many of the bills write their own definitions of immigration law instead of referring to definitions already established in Federal immigration law, leaving it unclear what immigration status is, or is not captured by a bill.”- Nazia Khanzada, CAIR-Georgia Communications Manager

Como una mujer Trans , Indígena , Inmigrante y Monolingüe , fui afectada por la ‘crimi-inmigración ‘ – la criminalización hacia comunidades inmigrantes bajo 287 g – Cuando venimos aquí en los EE .UU sólo buscando protección. seguridad y refugio . Para salvar nuestras vidas, porque creemos que este es un país donde las personas tienen derechos y donde existen protecciones y seguridad para nuestras comunidades sin importar nuestra raza, género o estatus social. Nuestra organización trabaja con comunidades indígenas migrantes incluyendo Trans y Queer que tienen miedo debido a esta propuesta de ley . “Estimado Legislador!” “ Alto a tus juegos y deja de utilizarnos como chivos expiatorios a tu beneficio político”. – Li Ann Sánchez, Executive Director, Community EsTr (El/La)

“The cynical scapegoating of immigrants for a violent act that regularly happens to all sorts of women at the hands of all sorts of men is disgusting and will keep no one safe! We reject this racist attack on immigrants and demand real safety and empowerment for women!”– Atlanta PSL

Members of the media, community leaders, and concerned citizens attended. The rally sent a powerful message to policymakers, urging them to stop anti-immigrant legislation and foster a more welcoming and inclusive Georgia.



Dalia Perez, GLAHR Communications Associate, [email protected], Nazia Khanzada, CAIR-Georgia Communications Manager, [email protected], Shelley Danzy, Project South Communications Director, [email protected]