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Ollicia Richard

Office Manager

As a highly accomplished and detail-oriented professional, Ollicia Richard has dedicated over 5 years of her career to various administrative roles within diverse industries. Currently serving as an Office Manager and Executive Assistant, Ollicia has greatly contributed to her organization’s growth through impeccable communication, organization, and leadership skills.

Previously, Ollicia served as the Communications Coordinator of the Admissions Department at Spelman College. She has also worked at Mercer College in the Tift College of Education in Atlanta, GA. Ollicia is seeking a degree in Organizational Leadership from Albany State University, and has extensive experience working with individuals, teams, and executives to facilitate business success.

As an Office Manager, Ollicia continues to demonstrate her passion for creating a well-organized and productive work environment, while managing the day-to-day operations of the office, and enabling the organization to achieve its strategic objectives. Her ability to effectively navigate challenging environments with efficiency and ease has made her an invaluable asset to her team, and she continues to impact the organization positively every day.