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Join CAIR Georgia’s Small Donor Campaign & Defend Civil Rights Every Month!

Join CAIR Georgia’s Small Donor Campaign & Defend Civil Rights Every Month!

Donate Monthly to CAIR Georgia

Asalaamu Alaykum! 

On behalf of the entire CAIR Georgia team, I thank you for supporting our civil rights work over the past year. Alhamdulillah, your donations helped us build a staff dedicated to serving, protecting, and advocating for Georgia Muslims.

This Ramadan, your generous sadaqa and zakat donations will, insha Allah, help us build upon last year’s work, which included:

Group Photo

  • 500 calls for help or information answered
  • 30 media interviews with local and national media outlets conducted
  • 60 cases of Islamophobia investigated, including employment discrimination, hate crimes, and hate speech
  • 20 public events held, including protests and press conferences
  • 70 presentations delivered, including Know Your Rights, Islam 101, Islamic Will & Testament, and Self-Defense seminars
  • 20 or more masajid visited, including mosques around Atlanta, Warner Robins, Savannah, and Augusta
  • 10 Atlanta mayoral candidates and two Georgia gubernatorial candidates interviewed

Although organizations often focus on raising as much funding as possible throughout the year, our goal is to build a sustainable network of monthly donors. In other words, we want everyone in our community to start donating just a small amount every month.

To that end, please join our CAIR Georgia Monthly Sustainer Campaign

Register above to donate $10, $20, $50, or $100 every month. Any regular monthly support will, insha Allah, help us safeguard our community throughout the year. 


By building up a reliable network of monthly donors, we can also spend less time fundraising and more time serving, protecting and advocating for you throughout the year.

Jazakallahu khairyan. May God reward you for your support.

With thanks,


Edward Ahmed Mitchell

Executive Director

Council on American-Islamic Relations

Georgia Chapter

[email protected]