Kareem El-Hosseiny

Government Affairs Director

Originally from Ohio, Kareem El-Hosseiny is a government relations expert, seasoned community organizer, and political advocacy trainer. With a degree in Political Science and International Relations, he has a deep understanding of policy combined with skills in political organizing, strategic planning, and team building. At CAIR-Georgia, Kareem serves to bridge the gap between policy making and community engagement.

In the past, Kareem joined the movement for democracy in the streets of Egypt, advocated for meaningful change in policy in Congress, and served on a number of political campaigns to mobilize voters. He also coordinated a legislative campaign to free a wrongfully imprisoned Muslim. In December of 2020, Kareem led CAIR Georgia’s first ever civic engagement field team.

Kareem is an adventure traveler and a Star Wars fan. In his spare time, he likes to play Mario Kart.